We use a strengths-based and human-centered approach to build impact-driven African entrepreneurs. 


Over 70% of Africa’s population is youth under the age of 35 – the youngest in the world. According to African Development Bank, youth unemployment occurs at a rate more than twice that of adults in Africa. However, youth are increasingly taking an active role in creating new economic opportunities in their communities as they are 2 times more likely to be entrepreneurs. Market Players provides youth with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to build trans-generational wealth for Africa.


Women entrepreneurs tend to be very collaborative; and they serve as great catalysts for circulating income within their immediate communities. Over 60% of our entrepreneurs are women; and heightening their business knowledge, skills, networks and links to high-value markets improves livelihoods of African communities – because when women owned businesses thrive, the whole community thrives.


Most African businesses are owned by first generation entrepreneurs and are run at a subsistence level. Typically, basic education systems in Africa are not designed to develop and nurture the culture of entrepreneurship. This makes African businesses highly prone to premature failure due to insufficient business acumen. By mainstreaming entrepreneurship, we encourage Africans to pursue entrepreneurship as a career choice – and not a fallback plan.